::: the Moveable Musical Club Band :::



Idosiki Ongakuhan

Idosiki Ongakuhan (English: the Moveable Musical Club Band) is the musical band style project in local local local central highland region of Japan.

Although the band, Idosiki Ongakuhan is operated by only one permanent member who plays all instruments. The name "Idosiki Ongakuhan" is often used for that member himself rather than for the project.

Since 2005, Idosiki Ongakuhan has been self-recording and producing own songs. Usually, These songs are composed by many instruments. For instance, worlds folk instruments, home gadgets, acoustic and electric instruments, et cetera. Besides, all instruments are played by only one member.

The band's producing policy is "Cultural Anthropological Folkloric Rock". Playing slogan is "melancholy and djakaska" (djakaska - Japanese onomatopoeia. Sounds making with wild play).

Under these concepts, Idosiki Ongakuhan tries to create unique music style and compositions.